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Throwback Thursday 3/23!

Susan Gall

Here's what happened on March 23rd! 1806: The Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark Expedition) loaded their gear into canoes and headed for home. The explorers made their triumphant return to St. Louis on September 23, 1806, after two and half years and 7,689 miles of exploring.(Defining Moments) 1869: Filipino rebel leader and politician Emilio Aguinaldo was born in Cavite (now Kawit) on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. He was involved in a number of attempts to gain independence for the Philippines. In 1985 the Philippine government unveiled a five-peso bill honoring him for his role as a champion of...

Throwback Thursday 3/16!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on March 16th! 1739: American Revolutionary patriot George Clymer was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was one of six men who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.(World Biography, American History) 1751: “The Father of the Constitution” President James Madison was born in Port Conway, Virginia. Before becoming the fourth President of the United States in 1809, he was the principal author of the Constitution. (Biography for Beginners) 1818: Texas settler Mary Ann Adams Maverick was born in Alabama. Mary and her family were among the first settlers in the San Antonio, Texas, area. Her (and her...

Throwback Thursday 3/9!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on March 8th! 1768: According to legend, Tecumseh, leader of the Shawnee tribe, was born near present-day Springfield, Ohio. Tecumseh resisted all parts of white society and worked to unite Indians of all tribes to fight against white settlers for their land.(Shapers of Society) 1891: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren was born in Los Angeles, California. Warren was Chief Justice during the hearing of the case, Brown v. Board of Education. He also led what was called The Warren Commission, which conducted an independent investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. (Defining Moments) 1912: Juliette Gordon Low founded the first...

Throwback Thursday 3/2!

Susan Gall

Here's what happened on March 2nd! 1770: Friction between colonists and British troops quartered in Boston led to riots. Three days later, Crispus Attucks led a group of 50-60 men to harass the British. He would be the first of five who died in this altercation. This event and his death are regarded by some as the first act of the American Revolution.(World Biography, American History) 1793: Sam Houston was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Houston was the commander-in-chief during the Texas Revolution and became the first President of the Republic of Texas. (Biography for Beginners, World Biography, American History) 1836: Henry Billings Brown...

Throwback Thursday 2/23!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on February 23rd! In honor of the Academy Awards this weekend... we've added a biography of Katherine Johnson! Johnson, mathematician who worked for NASA, is featured in the movie Hidden Figures. (Biography for Beginners) 1847:  In the Mexican-American War Battle of Buena Vista, Zachary Taylor defeated the largest enemy army (20,000 men) Americans had ever faced in a single engagement, despite being greatly outnumbered. The future president (taking office in 1849) became a national hero overnight!(World Biography, American History)  1848: Sixth President of the United States John Quincy Adams passed away.(American History) 1868: African American writer, scholar, and civil rights...

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