Happy Holidays from FactCite! Here is our Throwback Thursday for 12/22!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on December 22nd!

  • 1696: James Edward Oglethorpe was born in London, England. The English general and founder of Georgia founded Savannah as the capital of GA in 1733.
    (World Biography)
  • 1775: Preceding the Revolutionary War, the British Parliament's Prohibitory Act was established. This meant that all British trade with the colonies was to cease and there was to be a blockade of American ports. This was seen as an act of war.
    (American History)
  • 1807: Congress passed the Embargo Act. This prohibited all foreign maritime trade by American merchants and ships.
    (American History)
  • 1812: Records indicate that Sacagawea died of typhus at Fort Manuel Lisa in South Dakota. Experts argue that without Sacagawea the Lewis and Clark expedition would not have been successful.
    (Defining Moments)
  • 1924: Arthur Fletcher was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He is known as "the father of affirmative action" due to his work fighting for equal opporunities both in the work place and in schooling.
    (World Biography)
  • 1939Jerry Pinkney was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The African American author and illustrator is known for celebrating the lives and culture of African Americans in his books. He is admired by readers and has won many awards, including five Caldecott Honors, for his books.
    (Biography for Beginners, World Biography)
  • 1941: Following the attack on Pearl Harbor and on a U.S. air base in the Philippines, Japanese troops landed in the Philippines and captured the capital city of Manila.
    (Defining Moments)
  • 1942: The Pledge of Allegiance was officially adopted by Congress. 
    (American History)
  • 1948: Professional baseball player Steven Garvey was born in Tampa, Florida. He was a devoted Dodgers fan his entire life and eventually signed with them in 1968. The 10-time All-Star set an all time National League record by playing in 1207 consecutive games.
    (Sports Champions)
  • 1970: American politician, senator, and presidential candidate Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
    (American History)
  • 2002: English rock musician and leader of the punk rock band The Clash Joe Strummer died.
    (World Biography)
  • 2010: President Barack Obama signed a bill that repealed the policy known as Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT). The repeal encountered some delays but DADT ended on September 20th, 2011.
    (Defining Moments)

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