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Throwback Thursday 3/7/19

Adam Gall

Here is what happened on March 7! 1825: The University of Virginia opened. Located in Charlottesville, the school was founded by Thomas Jefferson, also its first rector, and chartered by the Virginia General Assembly. Read more about Virginia history in American History. 1861: Braxton Bragg became a brigadier general in the Confederate Army. He rose through the ranks and became the commander of the Army of Tennessee. He suffered several losses and was later made Jefferson Davis’s nominal chief of staff. Health issues caused Bragg to be a mean man and he was considered “the most unpopular general in either army.” Despite this strong dislike...

Throwback Thursday 5/25!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on May 25th! 1787: The Constitutional Convention took place in Philadelphia. The purpose of the convention was to create a Constitution that would unite the states, speak to the needs of the people, and provide protection for the liberty and freedom the colonists had just won. There were 55 delegates from 12 states. (Biography for Beginners, Defining Moments) 1803: Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He is regarded as one of America’s greatest intellectuals and literary figures. He influenced generations of writers and thinkers, including Henry David Thoreau, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Walt Whitman.(Shapers of Society, World...

Throwback Thursday 5/18!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on May 18th! 1804: After what is known as the most remarkable example of a coup d'état, which occurred in 1799, Napoleon I was proclaimed emperor of the French.(Essential Information) 1864: American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne died suddenly. Among his many works is his best known novel, The Scarlet Letter.(World Biography, American History) 1868: Tsar Nicholas II was born near St. Petersburg, Russia. He was the emperor of Russia during World War I. During the Bolshevik Revolution he was forced to step down, becoming the last ruling member of the Romanov Dynasty. (Defining Moments) 1896: Justice Henry Billings Brown announced the majority opinion...

Throwback Thursday 4/27!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on April 27th! 1521: Explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed on the island of Mactan in the Philipines during a tribal skirmish just one month after reaching the Philippines. His journey had begun 3 years earlier as a mission to find the Spice Islands. It was not until November after his death that his remaining crew would reach the intended destination of the Spice Islands.(Shapers of Society) 1791: American inventor Samuel Morse was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Morse is the inventor of Morse code and the first practical electric telegraph. It was on May 24, 1844 that Morse sent the...

Throwback Thursday March 30th!

Adam Gall

Here's what happened on March 30th! 1746: Spanish painter Francisco Goya was born in Fuendetodos, Spain. Goya rejected the obsessive detail and technical precision esteemed in his era. Capturing color and emotion triumphed over exactness and polish for Goya.(World Biography) 1842: Dr. Crawford Long conducted the first test of anesthesia when he painlessly removed a tumor from the neck of a patient. He would go on to conduct many tests over the next 7 years, but would not reveal his findings until 1849. This proved to be too late, since another doctor had already claimed the discovery.(American History) 1880: U.S. Army Lieutenant General...

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