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Throwback Thursday for May 23

Adam Gall

1431: The British threatened Joan of Arc with being burned alive. She was a French military commander who wore men’s clothes and claimed to hear the voice of God. When the English captured her after a battle with France, they wanted to burn her at the stake for heresy. She eventually signed a document that renounced her earlier claims and was sentenced to life in prison. She resumed wearing men’s clothing in prison and her accusers used this as evidence that she was still acting as a witch and heretic. She was burned at the stake on May 30. Read...

New updates to Biography for Beginners

Adam Gall

New entries added to FactCite Biography for Beginners in 2019 Name Abstract Baird, Minnie (1945–) American handbag designer. Barnum, P.T. (1810–1891) Promoter, showman, and founder of The Greatest Show on Earth. Cameron, Dove (1996–) American actress and singer. Star of The Descendants. Cuban, Mark (1958–) American businessman. Owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Investor on the reality television show Shark Tank. Gaiman, Neil (1960–) British author of books for children, young adults, and adults. Creator of Coraline, The Graveyard Book, and Chu’s Day. Husband, Rick (1957–2003) American astronaut. Commander of the Columbia space shuttle mission, 2003. Jasper, William (c. 1750–1779) American...

Throwback Thursday for May 16

Adam Gall

1801: Secretary of State William Henry Seward was born in Florida, New York. He was a lawyer who served in the New York State Senate and as the state’s governor. He also served in the U.S. Senate. President Lincoln appointed him as Secretary of State. However, Seward sometimes tried to take control and was known to go against the president’s plans. Seward was supposed to be killed at the same time as Lincoln, but he recovered from his knife wounds. President Johnson kept him on as Secretary of State and in 1867, Seward managed a big, successful negotiation with Russia....

FactCite Updates

Adam Gall

We have a torrent of new content that's just been released. Here are the pages that have been updated: J.R.R. Tolkien Florence Price Lorenzo de Medici Oney Judge John Muir Pocahontas Dr. Millie Hughes-Fulford Dr. Michael Debakey Dr. Jack Kilby Katherine Stinson Otero Clara Driscoll Adina De Zavala Miriam Ferguson Captain Anthony Lucas Edwy Brown Bette Graham Richard King Lizzie Johnson Howard Hughes-Fulford We have some more updates coming out next week. Stay tuned! Have a great weekend, everyone! 

Throwback Thursday for May 9

Adam Gall

Here is what happened on May 9! 1502: Christopher Columbus began his last expedition to the New World. He went to Cape Honduras and ran into a horrible storm. After surviving the storm, he named the cape Cape Gracias a Dios, meaning “thanks to God.” However, he ran into bad luck again while trying to find India. The ships ran aground near Jamaica and had to wait eight months for the rescue ship to get there. While Columbus and his surviving crew did make it home, this was the last of Columbus’s explorations. 1754: The first American political cartoon, Join,...

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