Throwback Thursday 12/15!

Here's what happened on December 15th!

  • 1774: Alexander Hamilton wrote an anonymous pamphlet defending the Patriot position called A Full Vindication of the Measures of Congress, etc. at the young age of 19.
    (World Biography, American History)
  • 1814: The Hartford Convention was held in Hartford, Conneticut. Twenty-six Federalist delegates (all from New England) attended the convention to discuss their oppostion to the War of 1812.
    (American History)
  • 1861: Charles Edgar Duryea was born near Canton, Illinois. He, along with his younger brother, developed a gas powered car. This was the first practical internal combustion automobile in America.
    (World Biography)
  • 1890: The Sioux Tribe had lost most of their lands to white settlement when they embraced a new religion that promised the disappearnce of white poeple and the return to their old ways of life. This religion caused white settlers to fear an uprising. On this day government troops attempted to arrest the Sioux chief Sitting Bull. He was killed in the attempt.
    (American History, Defining Moments)
  • 1897: Margaret Chase Smith, the first woman to run for president from a major party, was born on December 14th. This is honorary mention.
    (Biography for Beginners)

  • 1919: Max Yasgur was born in New York City. He leased his family dairy farm, Yasgur Farms, for the Woodstock music festival that took place in 1969. Despite pushback from neighbors, Yasgur remained a huge supporter of the festival.
    (Defining Moments)
  • 1938: The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. was dedicated in honor of President Thomas Jefferson by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. There is a 19-foot marble statue of the third president inside.
    (World Biography, American History)
  • 1948: Alger Hiss, a state department official who was accused of being a Soviet agent, was indicted on two charges of perjury. Hiss was not subject to spying charges because the statute of limitations had expired. He maintained his innocence until his death in 1996.
    (Defining Moments)
  • 1961: Nazi leader Adolf Eichman was tried and convicted in Israel for his crimes against the Jewish people during World War II. He was sentenced to death (May 31, 1962).
    (American History)
  • 1966: Walt Disney died in Los Angeles California. Walt Disney was awarded more than twenty-two individual Academy Awards, several honorary doctorates, France’s Legion of Honor, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In regards to his success he said, "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.”
    (Shapers of Society)
  • 1997: The San Francisco 49ers honored NFL quarterback Joe Montana by retiring his number 16.
    (Sports Champions)