Shapers of Society

$ 199.00
Shapers of Society

“This set should prove popular with student researchers in upper-elementary, middle, and high school (especially struggling readers or English-language learners). Recommended for school and public library collections.”


“This visually attractive seven-volume reference source offers clearly written biographies of persons who have made significant contributions to the world. An appealing mix to browse with plenty of substance for research. Recommended.”

—PSLA Media and Review Committee


  • Includes one year of unlimited online access
  • 7 volumes, 128 pages per volume
  • 1000+ photographs, illustrations
  • Further reading and research suggestions
  • Indexed
  • Hardcover
  • Online edition continuously updated

101 Men and Women Who Shaped Our World

Students completing homework assignments will turn to The Lincoln Library of Shapers of Society. In seven volumes,  presents lively narrative biographies of historical figures from Aristotle to the Wright brothers, illustrated with historic photos and primary source documents and contemporary graphic-novel-style illustrations.

Each entry includes:

  • Abstract summarizing key facts about the person’s life and why he or she is notable
  • Narrative biography
  • Timeline of events, illustrated
  • Memorable quotes
  • Primary source documents (letters, patent drawings, speeches, etc.)
  • Suggestions of print and online sources for further study

Available Online

Includes a 1-year license to the online database app. Provides students with unlimited online access from school or from home.


Alexander the Great Euclid Cyrus McCormick
Susan B. Anthony Michael Faraday Gregor Mendel
Aristotle Philo T. Farnsworth Michelangelo
Neil Armstrong Carlos Finlay Moses
Augustus Sandford Fleming Mario José Molina
Leo Hendrik Baekeland Henry Ford Muhammad
Ludwig van Beethoven Benjamin Franklin Napoleon Bonaparte
Alexander Graham Bell Buckminster Fuller Isaac Newton
Buddy Bolden Galileo Florence Nightingale
Buddha Mohandas Gandhi Louis Pasteur
Julius Caesar Robert H. Goddard Pablo Picasso
Miguel de Cervantes Goethe Plato
Coco Chanel Billy Graham Rembrandt
Charlemagne Johannes Gutenberg Paul Robeson
Winston Churchill Homer Franklin D. Roosevelt
Cleopatra Charles Ives Jonas Edward Salk
Christopher Columbus Thomas Jefferson William Shakespeare
Confucius Jesus of Nazareth Socrates
Nicolaus Copernicus Joan of Arc Tecumseh
Crick and Watson Steve Jobs Mother Teresa
Marie Curie John Paul II Nikola Tesla
Dante James Weldon Johnson Henry David Thoreau
Charles Darwin Percy Lavon Julian Linus Torvalds
Charles de Gaulle Martin Luther King Jr. Sojourner Truth
Walt Disney Antoine Lavoisier Ts’ai Lun
Frederick Douglass Anton Van Leeuwenhoek Victoria
W. E. B. Du Bois Leonardo da Vinci Richard Wagner
Isadora Duncan Abraham Lincoln Booker T. Washington
Thomas Alva Edison Martin Luther George Washington
Albert Einstein Ferdinand Magellan James Watt
Dwight D. Eisenhower Nelson Mandela Eli Whitney
Elizabeth I Guglielmo Marconi The Wright Brothers
Ralph Waldo Emerson Jan Ernst Matzeliger Frank Lloyd Wright

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