Science & Technology

Science & Technology

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For grades 4 and up.

A one-year subscription includes unlimited multiuser access for a single building, plus access from anywhere on any device using a username and password.

Our Science & Technology database contains more than 1,000 articles on core STEM topics. Images and diagrams help bring articles to life and help students put the scientific world in context.

Module indexes include the Elements, Planets, Animals, Plants, Earth Sciences, Physics, and Chemistry. An “Introduction to Science” section helps acquaint young researchers with important concepts found in all modes of scientific inquiry. Special topic indexes help students match FactCite content to their assignments.

Features of FactCite Science and Technology:

  • Device neutral (works on any smartphone, tablet, or computer)
  • Three ways to search: Keyword, Alphabetical Index, and seven Topical Indexes
  • Interactive periodic table of the elements and interactive diagram of the solar system
  • Essays on the Scientific Method, Introduction/Overview of Science, and Classification of Living Things
  • Audio read-along in all entries
  • MLA 9 citation on every page
  • NoodleTools integration
  • Add to Google classroom
  • Ongoing updates
  • Thousands of illustrations
  • Unlimited access at your library or from anywhere
  • Remote access included in all subscriptions 

Note: This database available for linking to FactCite 123, to activate “Step Up to a Reading Challenge” integration.