Essential Information, 44th Ed.

$ 273.00
Essential Information, 44th Ed.

"As multivolume encyclopedias disappear from reference collections, this one-volume encyclopedia of information will continue to be useful in school, public, and academic libraries."


"[the] format makes for interesting browsing, as do numerous drawings, photographs, maps, charts, and statistical tables ... This volume will be of great use on the ready-reference shelves of high school, college, and public libraries."


"...invaluable as a supplement for home schooling curriculum development, as well as a self-study and educational reference work for non-specialist general readers seeking to expand their minds and knowledge base."

—Midwest Book Review


  • includes one year of unlimited online access
  • 1 volume, 2,112 Pages
  • 1000+ photographs, illustrations
  • More than 100 expert contributors
  • Further reading and research suggestions
  • Indexed
  • Hardcover
  • Online edition continuously updated

An American Classic

Essential Information debuted in 1924. It was a time when—In addition to jazz, flappers, and raccoon coats—Americans were interested in education. In the mid-1920s less than 50% of students went on to high school. It was even less likely that their parents had a high school education. Nevertheless, the desire to better oneself fuled the popularity of books like The Lincoln Library of Essential Information.

Essential Information met this need. It was organized by subject area and provided the reader with not only handy facts, but also general overviews of the major subjects forming the core of a liberal eduation. The book contained test questions at the end of each section that encouraged close reading.

This new 44th edition remains true to this objective. Relying on the expertise of more than 100 subject matter experts, the book covers bodies of knowledge essential to a 21st century liberal education. Taking advantage of electronic publications and the internet, the content is also available online, together with more information and an every expanding collection of test questions.

In giving Essential Information a Recommended rating, the Choice reviewer wrote, “Truly, anyone who reads and learns from the 2,000-plus pages . . . will be well-rounded, with a start on becoming a well-educated person.”


It is one of the most affordable, comprehensive sources of research information for today’s middle school, high school, and college student.

It’s a great first and second source for a student’s homework assignments, or for those who just want to enrich their knowledge of the world.

Easiest way to “Jump Start” any research project!

It eliminates student’s confusion of being bombarded by thousand of unusable hits created by today’s search engines. Articles were written by more than 100 world-renowned experts. Also, the articles point the way to other websites, books and periodicals for more in-depth study.

Illustrated with tables, graphs, and pictures, its core articles provide a quick and comprehensive introduction to the subject. Accompanying each article are carefully selected sources for further study (web sites, books, periodicals) that help point the way to in-depth study.


The hardcover print edition of Essential Information, which contains over 2000 pages of easy-to-search research topics for your desk.

Plus a 1-year license to the FactCite Essential Information database app that contains 20% more research information than the print version.


Education, Language & Logic
Philosophy & Religion
Arts, Entertainment
Physical Sciences
Biological Sciences
Plants and Animals
Health & Medicine
Social Science
Architecture, Engineering, Business & Law

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