I tell my students to "FactCite it" instead of "Googling it."
Ramona Shan Peters, Camden Middle School

I was re-introducing databases to a fifth-grade class this fall and when I got to FactCite, fully half the class said, "I love FactCite!" 
Nancy Shwartz, Cos Cob School

FactCite is one of our most used databases … 'Defining Moments in U.S. History' is the crux of 7th grade U.S. History. I'm hoping to encourage even more Albemarle County middle schools to purchase FactCite next year.
Lin Hill, Jack Jouett Middle School

FactCite is one of my favorite databases for students for a number of reasons. The first is the responsiveness of their staff. They actually answer your questions quickly. It is an extremely user-friendly platform, the quality of information is very good, it is reasonably priced … it is an excellent investment.
Denise Reeder, Lincoln Middle School

Our students in grades 3–8 use FactCite on a daily basis for a variety of curricular projects. This is one of our go to online resources because of the ease of navigation within the site. Each article includes citation information that makes creating citations easy for even our youngest students. I would highly recommend this resource because of the quality of information as well as the cost.
Toni Heinowski, Muskego Norway School District

FactCite is our students' 'go to' database! The ease of use, lack of distractions, logical organization, read-to-you feature, and citations are a few of the many reasons our students use this database year round! I am so proud of our students' continued curiosity of using the database [in] the summer! We love this database K-12!
Peg Billing, Tomahawk School District

FactCite is an excellent resource for students in both of my schools. My teachers rely on this resource every year as they approach their biography unit of study. The students find the information appropriate for their ability to read and comprehend. Of course, for some students the fact that the information can be read to them is a blessing. Citing the source is also possible with the click of a mouse … a "must have" in my schools.
Mary Vander Loop, Haen Elementary

I'd like to say just how pleased I am with FactCite. I'm the lower school librarian in our independent school and work with pre-K through fifth graders. I go into the classrooms at the beginning of each year to demonstrate FactCite to the students … it is an excellent tool to introduce databases to children — and the Step Up to a Reading Challenge helps them to seamlessly move on to more detailed information.
Meghan Kelly, Metairie Park Country Day School