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Lincoln Library Press, Inc.

In 1992 Tim and Susan Gall launched what is now Lincoln Library Press, Inc., to develop reference works for libraries. Working with reference book publishers like Gale (now McGraw-Hill Gale) they created award-winning titles like Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations (several editions), about a dozen titles under the Junior Worldmark imprint, numerous titles on women’s history, geography and countries of the world, Asian American history, and child development. 

In late 1998, Tim and Susan made a connection with Bill and David Seibert, owners of the Frontier Press and publishers of the acclaimed Lincoln Library of Essential Information (44 editions since 1924) and the popular school reference Lincoln Library of Sports Champions (9 editions from 1973-2013). The Seiberts were ready to get out of publishing—and Tim and Susan were ready to move beyond producing books and become publishers. A deal was struck and The Lincoln Library Press was born. 

In 2003, the Lincoln Library Press brought out new editions of Lincoln Library of Sports Champions, and produced new titles, including Lincoln Library of Greek and Roman Mythology and Lincoln Library of Shapers of Society: 101 Men and Women Who Shaped Our World. Content from these three print titles were the initial searchable databases when FactCite was launched in 2008. 

Then, in what seemed like minutes, the reference world turned on its head. Reference shelves in libraries began to empty and demand for online resources exploded! 

FactCite responded with new databases, new features, and more ways to authenticate access. 

Now, students in thousands of schools across the country access FactCite to complete research for homework assignments and to browse online nonfiction resources. 

Meet Our Content Partners

Copylab Publishing Counsel, Inc.

The 20-volume U.S. Encyclopedia of History, Paul H. Oehser (former chief of Editorial and Publications Division, Smithsonian Institution), editor, was a standard print reference in the 1970s. Lincoln Library Press negotiated with the heirs of the designer and producer, Irving Kligfield, to update and expand the print content for inclusion in FactCite’s American History Online. 

Favorable Impressions

Biography for Beginners launched in print in 1995 and found its online home with FactCite about 20 years later. FactCite Biography for Beginners Online fills a gap, providing biographical profiles for readers in grades three to seven. The user interface makes the profiles easy to read—perfect for homework assignments. And the ~800 profiles feature the names from history and today that students are interested in. 


After selling the company he founded as Gale Research (later Cengage, which merged with McGraw Hill in 2019), Fred Ruffner and his son Peter founded Omnigraphics to publish authoritative reference works for libraries. Omnigraphics’ 30+-volume print series, Defining Moments in American History, joined FactCite as a searchable database in 2015. Presenting significant moments or movements in American History, with essays, biographies, primary sources, timelines, and more, this database is a perfect complement to FactCite Lincoln Library Online’s other resources.