The Lincoln Library of Essential Information,
44th Edition—in Print and Online!

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    THE PRINT EDITION OF OVER 2000 PAGES of easy-to-search research topics for your desk.

    PLUS, A 2-YEAR LICENSED ONLINE EDITION that contains 20% more research information than the print version.

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    “It contains knowledge filling six to twenty volumes in other works of reference.”
    Library Journal

    “There is no better reference work for teachers and pupils.”
    Grade School Teacher

    The Lincoln Library of Essential Information has been a trusted reference since 1924. Millions of users have relied on its authoritative articles to enrich their knowledge of the world and locate essential facts and figures.

    It is one of the most affordable, comprehensive sources of research information for today’s middle school, high school, and college student.

    It’s a great first and second source for a student’s homework assignments, or for those who just want to enrich their knowledge of the world.

    Easiest way to “Jump Start” any research project!

    It eliminates student’s confusion of being bombarded by thousand of unusable hits created by today’s search engines. Articles were written by more than 80 world-renowned experts. Also, the articles point the way to other websites, books and periodicals for more in-depth study.

    Illustrated with tables, graphs, and pictures, its core articles provide a quick and comprehensive introduction to the subject. Accompanying each article are carefully selected sources for further study (web sites, books, periodicals) that help point the way to in-depth study.

    Here’s a sampling of the eclectic content you’ll find:

    • Aeronautics and Space Exploration
    • Classification of Living Organisms
    • Festivals and Holidays
    • Games and Sports
    • Proficiency Tests
    • Literary Plots, Characters, and Allusions
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Mythology
    • Opera
    • Sobriquets and Nicknames
    • Voting and Elections
    • Word Building and Usage
    The chapters—the experts who built Essential Information called them “Departments”—cover nearly every subject of general interest today. Turn to Essential Information with questions on literature, mythology, world history, American history, government, sociology, psychology, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, mathematics, marketing, and finance (to name a few).


    The online edition of Essential Information contains biographical profiles of over 15,000 historic and contemporary people from every walk of life: performers, writers, scientists, athletes, business leaders, saints and sinners. Articles on the most frequently researched people, like Albert Einstein, Malcolm X, and Madam Curie are given enhanced coverage, providing students with most of the information needed for the typical school reports.



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